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About Curia Regis

We are pleased to know that you are curious about us & want to know us better, but before we tell you more about us be reassured that your legal & financial interests will be in the best of hands. We, The Curia Regis are a full-service law firm situated in the national capital of New Delhi. We are a team of diversified legal & financial experts, each of whom is a certified trained practitioner with an experience of 10 or more years in their respective fields. The legal & financial acumen delivered by us to our clientele can be outmatched by only the very few. Geneva Conventions guarantees your ‘right to counsel’ & so do we, for which we at Curia Regis are always battle-ready, so no harm can befall our clients. For every client we cater to, our experts will personally innovate their approach towards adequate solutions & reliefs as firmly believe that as no two fingers are the same, even the nature of hardships faced by our clients are unique with every case & so should be the relief afforded to them by us from any court of law.

We are determined to be of assistance to anyone who is brave enough to ask for it. For you & your rights, we will always be at the forefront of any legal battle that you face. Have no doubt that Curia Regis will never rest & will never stop until we secure what our clients are justly & duly owed. So, don’t hesitate to pick up that phone & give us a call or email us or even better, meet us in person. See you soon.


Team Curia Regis